Can you usher in morality in an immoral world?

Can you usher in morality in an immoral world?Reporter: The year 2021 has passed, but it has left its mark on our daily lives. As for you, you have managed to offer literature lovers a new work, a novella with a provocative title, The Inauguration, which, I think, piques the readers’ interest.

M.M. Loviste: It’s possible. In fact, I’ve said it before, this novella was conceived under an innocent title. I think everybody associates this word with something wonderful, formidable. The reality, however, is different. The media gave me the idea, reporting that a mayor had cut the ribbon because he had finally put a toilet in the backyard of a primary school in a forgotten village. Another, because he created a waste collection point in the commune. A mayor was filmed inaugurating the repair of a bridge over a 1.5m wide rivulet. Another built a park for the villagers 12km away from the settlement, which was overgrown by grass, bushes, shrubs, and thorns.

R: What do your heroes actually inaugurate?

M.M.L.: The reading reveals the story, which is somewhat not unlike a joke I was told the other evening by a friend. It is said that at the creation of the world, God, to help people prosper, decided to give them two virtues. For example, the Swiss are orderly and responsible, the Germans are disciplined and rational, the Japanese are hardworking and patient, the French are cultured and refined. Romanians should be smart, honest, and good politicians. Because the virtues could not be withdrawn, and the Romanians had received three, the Lord was forced to issue an emergency ordinance. No one could use more than two virtues at the same time. Therefore, the novella The Inauguration revolves around these three virtues, of which only two can be valid at a time.

R: There must also be a moral to the novella The Inauguration.

M.M.L.: Yes, there is. Can you usher in morality in an immoral world? Only the reader can give us the answer.

R: Mr. Loviste, is there a way out of this Hell?

M.M.L.: Yes, love and forgiveness.

R: I didn’t choose this interview by chance. We do it on a big day, and today is your birthday. Happy Birthday! What do you wish for?

M.M.L.: Health from the Lord, whom I ask to help me finish the volume I am writing now and which I will call Courier for Edessa. It is about the most spectacular miracle performed by Jesus Christ on earth, of which the Bible does not mention anything. But everything in its own time.

I wish my readers to live 100 years, and the last book they read bear my signature. That’s what I want for my birthday.


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