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A crucial event, the Trial of Jesus marked the history of mankind irreversibly. The novel Halacha? presents the atmosphere in which the greatest act of injustice in history was committed, the political games that led to the assassination of Christ, and the most unusual form of defense of the Messiah –  silence. Here is the great challenge, who will be able to decipher the mystery of Jesus’ silence?


  • nominated for the Book of the Year (for prose) Award by U.S.R.Pitesti* (2019)
*Writers’ Union of Romania-Pitesti branch

Reviews Halacha?

Prof. Dr. Alexandru Popescu-Mihaesti

I have read the first draft of Halacha? and have not hesitated to take on the editor role for this novel. I was persuaded by the topic and the literary artistic force with which it is built.

The plot traverses two different worlds in a quick rhythm. That of the embodied Jesus, burdened by the sin of a world he loves so much that he refuses to abandon it and for which he accepts every possible humiliation in absolute silence, completing his mission to His Father. The other is our own world, mercantile and rapacious, with leaders having no moral scruples, base and corrupt, at any time ready to sell and assassinate even the Lord of Life.

Under the colossal effect of metaphoric sublimation, time vanishes, the place of the characters from 2000 years ago being quickly taken by today’s leaders, “blessed” with similar qualities.

In spite of the drama, the author succeeds with his typical subtlety to offer the reader many pages of fine humor, which is especially welcome in the profound moral crisis mankind is facing. I firmly believe that Halacha? deserves a place in universal literature.

Alexandre Andrei, French journalist and publicist

I am delighted to congratulate you once more on your wonderful novel Halacha?, presented in highly eulogizing terms in the pages of the December 2016 edition of our cultural magazine Cronica Timpului. My theoretical background is in theology: ten years of education (seminary and university) in Bucharest, four years in Brussels and Paris with a scholarship from the Vatican. So I dare say I have a solid background of Biblical knowledge. What I find especially gratifying is your exceptional faculty of treating extracts from the Holy Scripture like a scholarly theologian in Biblical exegesis!

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