The first honorary citizen of the City of the Last Eclipse*

Honorary citizenAfter the “peaceful” presidential transfer of power on January 20, the infallible President Donald Trump will participate along with the entire jet set of the City of the Last Eclipse in a festivity where he will be awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of the city.

Upon his arrival at the airport, he will be greeted by a former head of state, with a hand-picked honor guard consisting of twenty-five of the fiercest miners who enthroned order and discipline in Bucharest, using pickaxes with new and polished handles. Blue-eyed boys will ensure security and protection, lest some protesting ogre spoil the reception of the valiant statesman, who has achieved an enviable performance, descending human civilization into a huge cave he has just discovered in the Capitol. The great Trumpist invasion has caused a real tsunami. Red with envy, Daddy Stalin and the Führer immediately decided to shave their mustaches. Responsible for the protection of Trump and his wonderful wife will be Mr Pacepa, whom you can rely on without fear at any time.

A festive reception will follow in the Palace of the Parliament, where the two former heads of state will meet for a discreet protocol. The interpreter for this successful meeting will be a high dignitary, bad luck, so to say, in this terrible “per’od” of change of power in the White House.

Finally, the day will end with an official dinner in honor of the formers, organized by the famous Mr Gelu, owner of K.G.B.T. and sole ruler in the City of the Last Eclipse, who will personally award Trump the Honorary Citizenship of this metropolis, where he was offered to live with honor and glory until old age.

*This is a lampoon.

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