The Irretrievable

~ novellas, 1999, read The Irretrievable in Romanian

The novel starts from a real fact: the forced collectivization of the rural areas in Romania. The climax is reached in Tara Lovistei, when the communist beast decides to suppress an entire community deep in the mountains. These simple peasants are sentenced to hard years in prison for refusing to join the collective agricultural production. For communism, they become irretrievable.


  • second edition nominated for the Book of the Year (for prose) Award by U.S.R.Pitesti* (2007)
  • second edition presented at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair Bucharest (2006)
*Writers’ Union of Romania-Pitesti branch

Reviews – The Irretrievable

Mircea Tomus, literary critic

Through the power of narration in the volume The Irretrievable, M.M. Loviste made me visit the celebrated Tara Lovistei. I am twice lucky: I have both read his novels and had the privilege to step on Loviste realm. I congratulate the author on his inspiration and humor, as well as on the structure and suspense of the plot. 

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