The Sacraments of Matrimony

~ novella, 2020, read The Sacraments of Matrimony in English and Romanian

Emma Majore could never have imagined that a religious wedding would be more difficult than finding her soulmate. But the pretensions of the anointed of God unleash hell on the couple wanting to unite their destinies before the Divinity. The trials and tribulations they go through make up incredible scenes of delicious humor. Will they manage to avoid the traps so well arranged by the men of God?

Reviews – The Sacraments of Matrimony

Eliza Roha, prose writer, poet, playwright, literary critic

I liked the novella, it is, I think, cinematic, both the religious discourse and the descriptions of the splendors of the Bavarian Alps made me think of a film script, I could almost see in my mind what was happening there. Yes, this novella could be made into a film.

Strongly outlined characters like Emma and the nun-secretary Kleshtina give force to the writing. The episode with the bride on a bicycle, acclaimed by nudists, unique and difficult to understand for us Romanians, brings flavor and animates the sober, devout landscape of the mountains, while the road to the sanctuary seems both initiatory and worldly.

The flagrant contradiction between the good faith, adoration and hope in the soul of the bride and groom, willing to overcome the trials to which they are subjected to, and the behavior of Kleshtina, lacking sensitivity and kindness, recomposes, of course on a small scale, the great contradictions of humanity, good and evil complement each other everywhere.

Only a talented and long-practiced pen, and a lucid mind would have managed such a literary work that combines so cleverly, at the same time with romantic resonances, in the context of religious arrangements, an important episode in the life of a couple anchored in the strange realities of existence.

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